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Today at the UVEF luncheon Junto Group presented. What an amazing idea. Basically its one amazingly successful guy who wanted to help entrepreneurship in Utah so he got a bunch of young entrepreneurs together on a saturday morning and layed out a plan where he would teach them everything he knew about entrepreneurship over the [...]

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It’s been known for a long time that Overture would change to be Today it finally happened and I think ot’s a great thing and I can’t wait until they expand their product offerings. Google has offered such a good service with adsense but I can’t wait until there is some competition so that [...]

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A few months ago I got banned from using the Overture keyword suggester tool because I had written a script that would query it automatically for me. Being banned from the tool was somewhat of a pain in the butt…because I couldn’t just pull it up any time I wanted to check search amounts. It [...]

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I believe Yahoo is finally going to come up with their own version of Google’s Adsense. It’s about time!!! I think this will be sooo good for publishers like me. It will force Google and other companies who serve ads to pay their publishers more to compete for ad space on publishers pages. If [...]

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This is fascinating research on how people view webpages. I don’t know how they do the research but I’m glad they’re doing it so I can more effectively design my pages to make more money. They have such accurate results that they can tell you people’s eye patterns across pages and for how long [...]

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