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A couple of the products available in this $19 charity WSO, are products we use, and which we paid $97 for. It’s a great way to get access to some really good tools to help your local marketing business.

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After I lost my gmail account then recovered my gmail account I became much more security conscious. Yesterday @Mat Honan lost everything. Please read his story I write this just in hopes that it will save a few people some headache. 7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Digital Life   I’m not a security expert [...]


One of my GUYS sent this to me because it was funny.     I love that: 1. it’s from the Philippines 2. it’s from 1 billion people   Funny.


Part of changing your mindset is giving other people tasks that you would normally have done yourself. It’s also about using your resources efficiently.  If you can buy an ebook about something for $50, and have that teach your guys how to do it, why wouldn’t you do that instead of spending 3-4 hours creating [...]


Talk about “The Cloud” is everywhere. The question I get is: “How do I use ‘the cloud’ for my business?” More specifically: “How do I use Amazon’s EC2 and S3 for my business?” About 18 months ago we switched the hosting for my blog to use Amazon EC2 Cloud Computing and Amazon S3 Cloud storage. [...]


This is a great case study of how Derrel has used outsourcing to succeed in providing local business marketing services. Derral has done a great job in setting up his business with outsourcing. The quality of the video is pretty bad. The audio is much better. It’s surprisingly difficult to get good video+audo recording in [...]


“I couldn’t believe ReplaceMyself. I know the trainings aren’t for me, but I was going through them and learning tons of stuff, and then it was like, “here you go, you guys do this stuff”!, and I didn’t have to do it!” – Dean Soto Dean has a full-time job in the Aerospace industry. At [...]

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