This is a great case study of how Derrel has used outsourcing to succeed in providing local business marketing services. Derral has done a great job in setting up his business with outsourcing. The quality of the video is pretty bad. The audio is much better. It’s surprisingly difficult to get good video+audo recording in [...]


This is one of the most important videos I’ve ever done. The difference between hiring Full-time vs Part-time is shocking. It’s different for your workers. It’s different for productivity. It’s different for your ability to succeed. It’s different in quantity. It’s different in quality. It’s different for your brain. It’s NOT different in PRICE! when [...]


Determining someone’s english skills is one of the most common problems I come across. When I was in the Philippines last year I was given this awesome tip for one way to get a better idea. Ask potential employees if they grew up watching “Sesame Street” or “Batibot.” This is really clever, and surprisingly effective! [...]


Hiring all your GUYS in the Philippines in the same city isn’t necessary, but it’s something to consider. Here’s a video with my thoughts about it. File Download: MP3 Audio, < 1 MB If you see yourself someday setting up an office in the Philippines (because you have a team of 5+), hiring all your [...]


“I couldn’t believe ReplaceMyself. I know the trainings aren’t for me, but I was going through them and learning tons of stuff, and then it was like, “here you go, you guys do this stuff”!, and I didn’t have to do it!” – Dean Soto Dean has a full-time job in the Aerospace industry. At [...]


This should be a guest post by George (who I recently did a case study with). Because George is succeeding with having Filipino workers do the work in his business he has other people asking him how he’s doing it (hmmm…that sounds familiar…). He wrote up this list of 21 things he learned while hiring [...]


This is a great case study with George and Evan. They’re doing local business marketing and building a whole host of wordpress plugins. File Download: MP3 Audio, < 1 MB — File Download: iPhone/iPod Version Here’s a summary of the case study. 1:22 – Their business model (local business marketing) 3:00 – tasks they’re outsourcing [...]

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