In my last blog post about hiring Filipino workers and requiring them to only have 1 job I apparently stirred up some controversy. In the comments I was accused of exploiting people I was told that I don’t pay enough I was told that the people I hire aren’t “employees” I feel differently about all [...]


I’ve found that it’s normal in the Philippines for people to want to work 2 jobs. I’ve also found that when they’re working online, they really want to work 2 jobs. I’ve also found that working 2 jobs is very ineffective (for both them and me). Here are my suggestions for you in dealing with [...]


In this video I describe the number one problem people (including myself) experience when hiring Filipinos to work in their businesses. In 4 words: Embarrassment, unworthiness, fear, (not being good enough to qualify)


Last night Typhoon Megi hit the northern end of Luzon island (Luzon island is the island Manila is on). In case you don’t know, a Typhoon is essentially the same as a hurricane. This one was about equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. The Philippine government did a pretty good job preparing for this one, [...]


I got this video question from a reader: Here’s my answer: I recorded this video in the foothills a few minutes from my house. (I have the ipad in my hands to look at my notes) It’s beautiful here. Here is the gist of what I say in the video: Focus on understanding the business [...]


I get this story often enough that I thought it was worth a post. DON’T PRE-PAY FOR WORK IN THE PHILIPPINES. Clearly this isn’t a 100% of the time rule, because there are times when it’s appropriate. Just DON’T do it with a new employee. Don’t buy them a laptop. Don’t pay their internet bill. [...]

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You get an email that says: Do you believe it? What do you do? 1. Do you believe it? YES! Power outages in the Philippines are a SERIOUS problem. In some areas they have them EVERY SINGLE DAY. Most areas aren’t so bad, but one of my GUYS has a 5-hour power outage every day. [...]

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