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Scott is a good manager. This case study was a pleasure to do for me because time and time again I saw how he’s doing things right. It’s no wonder he’s succeeding. There’s a lot to be learned from this (even the parts where he’s not doing it right…and he KNOWS he’s not doing it [...]


A full 8:44 introduction to outsourcing to the Philippines. How To Replace Yourself In Your Business By Hiring Virtual Assistants In The Philippines This text will be replaced Register To Watch The Full Training Webinar Years ago I realized that the only way to live the “internet business” lifestyle was by getting other people to [...]


This was such a fun case study. The last picture is of Marvin and his team wearing sunglasses because, as they said: “The future is so bright we have to wear shades“ This is a screen capture of what Marvin Skyped me. Listen to this interview I did with Marvin File Download: MP3 Audio, ~13.3mb [...]


Chris has been very successful in numerous businesses. He now has multiple teams of Filipino workers with lots of people on them. His success is better now than ever…but he went through quite a learning process to get there. This is a fantastic case study and success story of using outsourcing to grow a business. [...]


David is another great success story with outsourcing to the Philippines. He has built a really great business thanks to being able to outsource all his fulfillment work. After the video is a summary of the case study. File Download: MP3 Audio, ~7mb MB — File Download: iPhone/iPod Version Summary of the outsourcing success study [...]


This is a great case study of how Derrel has used outsourcing to succeed in providing local business marketing services. Derral has done a great job in setting up his business with outsourcing. The quality of the video is pretty bad. The audio is much better. It’s surprisingly difficult to get good video+audo recording in [...]


This is one of the most important videos I’ve ever done. The difference between hiring Full-time vs Part-time is shocking. It’s different for your workers. It’s different for productivity. It’s different for your ability to succeed. It’s different in quantity. It’s different in quality. It’s different for your brain. It’s NOT different in PRICE! when [...]

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