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Scott listened to one of my webinars where I teach how to outsource to the Philippines. He knew he should be outsourcing, but his business wasn’t quite there yet. We met when he took me to play golf at Trump National. I told him I thought he should be doing “local business marketing.” The rest [...]


You know what question a get asked the most about outsourcing? It’s not “How do I find a trustworthy employee?” It’s not “How much should I pay them?” It’s not “How can I know if they really have the skill to do the work”? Nope. The biggest question I get is: “How can I be [...]


Today I sent out an email to my mailing list. Normal. This afternoon I got an email from one of them: Hello Sir, Good day! Just so you know. There’s an error on your link but I already fixed it. I created a htaccess RewriteUrl on the error link to the correct link. It was [...]


“Direct Linking” is an old school internet business model where you buy PPC clicks and send the clicks straight to an affiliate program. It was really popular (and REALLY profitable) from 2000 – 2006. Since then, everyone say it doesn’t work anymore. I’ve heard people say “You can’t do direct linking, Google won’t allow it.” [...]


Some thoughts on how to train your Filipino VA. It has become clear to me that I haven’t done a very good job of teaching how to train people. I’ve done a WORSE job of explaining that is intended to train your VA’s from the Philippines for you. File Download: MP3 Audio, 2.6 MB [...]


In my last blog post about hiring Filipino workers and requiring them to only have 1 job I apparently stirred up some controversy. In the comments I was accused of exploiting people I was told that I don’t pay enough I was told that the people I hire aren’t “employees” I feel differently about all [...]


I’ve found that it’s normal in the Philippines for people to want to work 2 jobs. I’ve also found that when they’re working online, they really want to work 2 jobs. I’ve also found that working 2 jobs is very ineffective (for both them and me). Here are my suggestions for you in dealing with [...]

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