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Below is the sequence of emails I sent to hire someone Note: Don’t copy these emails! These are just examples….too many employers have copied this email exactly and is flooded with these emails….jobseekers won’t reply to you b/c they’ll think you are a spammer/scammer! Email #1: This email went out to about 15 people. [...]

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In this video I describe the number one problem people (including myself) experience when hiring Filipinos to work in their businesses. In 4 words: Embarrassment, unworthiness, fear, (not being good enough to qualify)


Last night Typhoon Megi hit the northern end of Luzon island (Luzon island is the island Manila is on). In case you don’t know, a Typhoon is essentially the same as a hurricane. This one was about equivalent to a category 5 hurricane. The Philippine government did a pretty good job preparing for this one, [...]

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