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I’ve made tons of materials about how to live a 4, or 17 hour week. I have e-books, videos, presentations, blog posts and webinars on the what’s and how’s of the business. But let’s face it, in the internet, it’s easy to get lazy, or get lost. Recently, I found a way to fix that [...]


During the years of running my online business I’ve come across a lot of different ways of doing online research. Lots of the info out there is pretty dumb. Dumb…meaning…it’s just not info that will help you know what’s good and what’s bad. Dumb…meaning…what they’re telling you XYZ means, just isn’t true. Dumb…meaning…”this does not [...]

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This is a follow-up to my post about why IE sucks so much. I figured out how to not use IE, and still be able to open multiple google (or gmail) accounts in Firefox at the same time. I had two different people tell me to use FF and Safari, which Apple just released for [...]

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