When GoTryThis came out a few years ago I was very skeptical. Now, I use it almost every day in my business. Here’s a short list of why I use it: It keeps all my links in one place I never have to find my affiliate links for any product. GoTryThis has it for me [...]

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Yesterday Chris Knudsen and I went out to lunch. He said he had finished reading the 4 Hour Workweek on a plane a few days before and he kept thinking “This is John Jonas” as he read it. Last night I finished reading it. A few thoughts. 1. The stuff he says in the book [...]

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Earlier today I did a review of revenge of the mini-net, the ebook. I didn’t actually review it, I summarized it and added a bunch of my own advice and experience into the summary. Within minutes of sending it out I got this email back from someone whos email signature includes SEO Specialist, [Company Name] [...]

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I’ve sat quiet long enough. The email I got this morning was the last straw. But first, here’s why I’m posting this. I buy a lot of information products. “How to make a gazillion dollars in 24 hours” “How to get a gazillion links to your website” “How to build a gazillion person email list” [...]

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Last night I finished “reading” Jeremy Palmer’s book on affiliate marketing. I say “reading” because it took me about 15 minutes to get through the last 70 pages of it. I bought it because Janet said he’s an expert on building affiliate sites. He may be an expert (I trust Janet), but his book stinks. [...]

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