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This webinar is SEO 101. If you’re new to SEO, watch it. It will help you get going in the right direction. If you’re already advanced at SEO, skip past my notes below and see why I asked him to do this webinar. Here are the notes I took during the webinar PPC and SEO [...]

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This morning I had an interesting email conversation with a subscriber of mine who just got banned from Adwords for promoting software that makes MFA (made for adsense) sites. Yes, banned from Adwords, not adsense. Here’s what happened: He is a beginning affiliate. He just promotes other people’s stuff through adwords. Obviously not google’s favorite [...]

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If you are selling stuff online, and it doesn’t involve a subscription product, you’re CRAZY not to use Google Checkout Yesterday I got a phone call from my friend Lanny Morton because he was quoted in a story on the front page of the money section of the USA today (I know…he doesn’t really blog…I’ve [...]

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Since Yahoo sent out the email telling everyone how they’re upgrading search marketing accounts, I thought I’d look into it. Holy cow do they have issues. First, I was looking at their API. They have all the documentation for their searchmarketing api online, but it doesn’t work. It’s not active for people. There’s a list [...]

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Google recently announced the release of their website optimizer, which I heard about from googleicious. Now, this tool looks like it will be cool and all, but I don’t see how it fits their mission statement: Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful. How does this tool [...]

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Earlier today Chris emailed me a link to a Matt Cutts blog post with links to video seo answers that Matt did. The answers themselves were normal. “blah blah, blah blah, blah blah, nothing you haven’t heard before” What really got me was when I was looking around the page I was on. See, I [...]

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