In an industry that already struggles in the US, I’m really surprised at how the MLS soccer team treats their fans. Right now I’m sitting in a real salt lake game as they play FC Dallas. The stadium isn’t full, buy there are plenty of empty seats in this place, with most of the empty [...]

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The refereeing was bad. I agree. The field wasn’t up to par for a world cup setting? That’s questionable. Bruce Arena screwed it up? All I know is that the USA team just isn’t that good. I mean, when you watch them play compared to watching a team like Italy or Germany or Brazil it’s [...]

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If you missed the USA world cup game today you missed a show. Sure, the US still can’t seem to find a way to score a goal on their own (Italy scored the US goal for them today), but this one was worth watching. This one was worth watching just for the refereeing alone. The [...]

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