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I recorded this video this morning at 6am. Our first day on vacation. By the time it was 10:30 this morning I thought it was about 3pm!

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This is going to be my first podcast. I’m not sure I’ll do this all the time, but I thought I’d try it and see how people like it. To tell you the truth I wasn’t totally comfortable with recording it, but sometimes we have to get out of our comfort zone. This is about [...]

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I got back from the big seminar yesterday. It was really good. I took my camera but then kept leaving it in the car on accident. I really did mean to take a picture. I met tons of people there, all of whom I’m going to not mention, for fear that I’ll leave someone out [...]

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Well, tomorrow Dan and I are off to The Big Seminar in Los Angeles. It’s a “big seminar” for internet marketers. We’re going because some of our software is being sold at it. Should be an interesting experience. I already know that Scott Boulch, a friend of mine from Dallas will be there. I’ve never [...]

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Two weeks ago I went to Havasupai in northern Arizona. The place is simply amazing. Pictures you see are not digitally enhanced. That’s really the color of the water and really how beautiful it is. 60 miles down a paved road outside of Peach Springs (which is 55 miles from Kingman, AZ), is a parking [...]

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No, not the real Baldy in California, just the small version that sits below Mt Timpanogos here in Utah County. Tim (my brother in law) has climbed it before and he wanted to do it again with Todd before Todd left on his mission. Hopefully I’ll have a gps trail map of our hike so [...]

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May 30, 2005 As soon as we got into yellowstone we saw a bald eagles nest that had at least one adult ans quite a few baby eagles in it. It was pretty cool. Then a few minutes later we saw some elk crossing a river right along the side of the road. We stopped [...]

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