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I recently had a great comment/question on my blog: In a nutshell, David asks “how many sites do your GUYS maintain, and how much are the sties making in order for them to pay for themselves?” I thought the question and answer were informative enough to make a post out of it. Here’s my [...]


Do you keep a swipe file of sales copy and squeeze pages and interesting marketing tactics? If not, why not? Here’s why you do it. When you want to create a sales/squeeze page for yourself, you can go back through all the pages you’ve bookmarked and just pull the pieces out of them that you [...]

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Over the last couple years keyword research has become difficult as the quality of tools have degraded. Overture’s keyword research tool became totally unreliable about 18 months ago. Wordtracker just doesn’t have the data to provide accurate results. Sometimes in fact, wordtracker’s data comes from such a small data set that it doesn’t provide any [...]

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Next Tuesday I’ll be releasing UnderCoverProfits, which is going to change the way a whole bunch of people do affiliate marketing. See…in the past, when promoting other people’s products, what most people have done is pick a program to promote, and then go test it on Adwords to see if they can make it profitable. [...]

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This is ridiculous. Hostmonster has lowered their hosting price from $9.95/month to $3.95/month and increased their limits on the product. You can’t increase the ability to host unlimited domains, but they increased the bandwidth you get (who cares), and also the storage space (WooHoo!). This hosting is soooooo much better than anything else I’ve seen [...]

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I’m posting this mostly so I can remember it: Stock photos between $1-$5 depending on size. That’s a great way to make a website look better.

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This is interesting. It tells 2 stories: 1. The power of user generated content 2. Search engines certainly aren’t telling the whole story. 1. Users are blogging on They write hundreds of blog entries each day. They also write thousands of comments each day. Two weeks ago a search revealed that google had [...]

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