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After having been with wordpress through 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, wordpress 2.0 is finally out. Not that I’ve been anxiously awaiting it or anything, because when something works for me, I’m usually happy to leave it alone. But, I really hate when I write a post and realize I want to upload a file so I [...]

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I guess growing pains are good, if you’re growing like this: You can see the dip in traffic on Christmas, and the little dip right before the skyrocketing from 20-25,000 hits/day to 40,000 hits/day was when we were having server problems. The problem is that grew so fast that we had major server problems. [...]

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We hit 300 bloggers sometime last week. We have 335 right now, and our alexa rank is climbing pretty quickly. Not bad for having only launched it less than 2 months ago. Especially considering that the site looks terrible, isn’t very clear for how to refer someone, and I haven’t really started marketing it yet. [...]

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A few months ago I got banned from using the Overture keyword suggester tool because I had written a script that would query it automatically for me. Being banned from the tool was somewhat of a pain in the butt…because I couldn’t just pull it up any time I wanted to check search amounts. It [...]

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I believe Yahoo is finally going to come up with their own version of Google’s Adsense. It’s about time!!! I think this will be sooo good for publishers like me. It will force Google and other companies who serve ads to pay their publishers more to compete for ad space on publishers pages. If [...]

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Actually…not translation please. How about “here’s your translation”. For DSG we have tried to do all kinds of things that will differentiate our pages from other pages that are generated by a computer. One of the things we’ve been working on (well…Dan has been working on), is doing translation of our pages. There are free [...]

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Over the past year I’ve tried different ways of having success doing affiliate programs. My ebay site did alright. I don’t make that much money off it but it does make some money from ebay each money. My attempts to do affiliate marketing with TE were absolutely horrible. I have probably gotten over 150,000 hits [...]

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