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This morning Dave switched the site to point to We should start seeing lots of traffic. It’l be interesting to see how the open source community reacts to our selling it. We’re not actually selling phpLDAPadmin. We’re just selling a service to get it. People are free to download it from their homes, [...]

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We made our first sale on yesterday. It’s especially exciting considering that we haven’t even switched the main page for PLA from the sourceforge site to the site. When we do, we’re hoping to make 2-3 sales/day.

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Free Website Templates from Jimworld. Starting a new web site, or sprucing up one that is a bit shop worn is a daunting task. That empty screen just sits there and dares you to be creative. No longer must you face the dreaded blank screen alone. Start with a creative design from and jump-start [...]

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Man,,,this is sooo exciting for me. Yesterday a program that I’ve been using called Traffic Equalizer to create keyword rich content pages, was giving me fits. I emailed the dude who wrote the program and he gave me access to the private members forum. It’s amazing what these people have come up with. Here’s one [...]

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This host I don’t think is as good as bluehost…but their commission is higher. I’m going to use them to put up an Insurance site. Hopefully they’ll be good. ———– So I signed up for these guys…it’s really amazing. It’s $90 for one year and they pay out a $100 commission. Also, they registered my [...]

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