Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC


This site Free TiVo: Build a Better DVR out of an Old PC describes how one guy turned an old pc into a dvr that does a lot of stuff for him including

  • recording tv
  • playing back recordings
  • stores all his files (mp3, movies, tv shows)
  • streams stuff over the internet
  • acts as a server (web server, ftp server)
  • is a game emulator
  • responds to an ir remote

    He goes through all the software and hardware you need to build it and get it working.

    While it’s not exactly free like the title says, it’s a pretty darn good solution. He put in two 120 GB drives, a very nice video card, a nice tv capture card, sufficient ram, and a 1.8 GHz processor. That’s a pretty nice machine. However, I’m sure it could be fairly well done with much less hardware than that.

    Most people don’t need anything even remotely close to what he has. They just want something to record tv and play it back to them. For this solution, a simple computer with a tv tuner/capture card and some software.

    I have a modded x-box that I’m going to try to put together something with. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

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