Free Website Templates from Jimworld.


Free Website Templates from Jimworld.
Starting a new web site, or sprucing up one that is a bit shop worn is a daunting task. That empty screen just sits there and dares you to be creative.

No longer must you face the dreaded blank screen alone. Start with a creative design from and jump-start your development process.

I wanted to put up a website today and was just going to make it look terrible and then I came across this site. I downloaded a template only to find that it was much more than a template…it was a full blown website!!!

It was so awesome. It had the contact, support, company, services, products, shopping cart pages already created with dummy content so all I had to do was switch it with my own. I also php’d the pages up a little bit so that stuff worked smoother, but man, these free templates are such a time saver. I think I’ll probably use one of them (maybe one of the paid ones) with every site I ever build again.

Here’s the site I built today:

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