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I’m not sure what googles “I’ll follow x number of links on a page” limit is. I’m assuming it’s somewhere between 30 – 50. It doesn’t make sense for them to endlessly follow links on a page.

This link limit causes problems with my ebay application because I built it to generate sooo many keywords that it’s putting hundreds of links on a page and each of them needs to be followed, but they’re not going to be followed ever by google.

So, I limited the number of keywords that get put into a category. If there are more, I put them into another category.

We’ll see how it works out.

Also, I’m going to see what linking to some of my inner pages from here and from does. I think that google has some sort of a limit as to how far into a site they’ll follow…I think. I’m not totally sure about this one but it makes sense. Why should they follow 7 links deep into a site when it’s just not very likely that someone else follow that many links deep. Although…then I guess they’re not doing their job of finding everything on the internet and indexing it. But…who knows.

Anyway, here are some of my ebay pages. We’ll see if they get indexed:

Buy online hot stuff

American Idol buy online
Friends season 7 dvd

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