Goblin valley


We’re on our way home from goblin valley in southern Utah right now. It’s a
really cool place. Goblin valley itself is just a small valley where there
are tons of rocks that just stick up out of the ground like little goblins.
You could spend hours (we did) just walking around and exploring the
place. It’s also very child friendly as there is tons of open space to run
and there are tons of hills for them to climb that are small but fun.

The whole area of goblin valley is a very windy place, so expect to get sand
all over the place when you go.

Well worth the 3 hour drive from Provo.

After Goblin valley. we hiked up Little Wild Horse canyon and down Bell
canyon which are like 5 miles from Goblin valley. There is a trail that
allows you to go from the top of one canyon to the top of the other. It’s
about a 9 mile hike if you do both canyons roundtrip.

I thought Little Wild Horse canyon was awesome. It’s a slot canyon a few
miles long that at times is just a few inches wide at your feet and just a
few feet wide at the shoulders. This with canyon walls that range from
about 30 to 200 feet high.

The hike from the top of one canyon to the other is bearable, but not very
fun. It’s a few miles long and not much to see that you don’t get in the

Bell canyon wasn’t quote as exciting, spectacular, fun, or long as Little
Wild Horse canyon but very enjoyable nonetheless. It just didn’t have the
extremes that Littlt Wild Horse had. It did however require a little more
climbing which made it fun and interesting.

I think the next time I do these canyons I’ll try to hike up and down both
canyons, instead of hiking up one, taking the trail, and then down the
other. The extra hiking between the trails just isn’t worth it in my opinion.

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