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I read two really interesting articles last night. One about how love is the central moving force for business. It talked about how people want to do business with people who love others. Businesses who at the heart of their goals is to love people succeed.

The other was a blog entry by Paul Allen about how he predicts that within 10-15 years Googles market cap will be greater than Microsofts. He has some interesting reasons behind it including their open source model, their propensity to give away awesome products, and their “don’t be evil” mantra.

It is love that I believe that could take Google to be as large as microsoft. There are many who believe that microsoft itself is evil and have a huge dislikeing for them. This alone helps Google in the Google vs. Microsoft battle (which isn’t quite there yet…but may materialize over the next few years should Paul be correct). I also believe that Google really tries to do good and to love people. They treat their employees exceedingly well. They treat other people, the commoners very well. Just look at how they’re doing their IPO — Auction style so as to allow normal people as much as a shot at it as wall street. They seem to not care as much about money as they do about being good. Either that or they already have this “Power of love in business” thing figured out and they realize that love really is the most moving force in business.

I say go Google! Kick the crap out of micro$oft. Show people that there is another, better way of doing business.

Don’t Be Evil

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