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Months ago I tried to get a toolbar that would allow me to get a pages pagerank while using linux. It didn’t exist. At the time, there really wasn’t anything other than the ie toolbar. Since then has come

which will show you pagerank of pages that you put into their form. Very simple, very powerful in that you can put in lots of pages and it will show you the pagerank of all of them. But very tedious in that I have to always have a browser open so that I can copy and paste the url into the top25 page.

Enter prgooglebar.

Nick Stallman has developed a toolbar that will install into mozilla or firebird/firefox that mimmics the google toolbar for ie. It’s wonderful. It had some bugs when he first released it last week but we worked through them and he’s since fixed them and it’s working wonderfully. I’m sure it will continue to get better.

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