How and Why You Should Replace Yourself And Work The 17-Hour Workweek


Why everything you know about
outsourcing is dead wrong!
And how I redefined outsourcing
to make myself $2253/hour.

And why the way you’re currently doing outsourcing
is preventing you from making $100,000++ online

In the next 30 minutes I’m going to help you redefine outsourcing so you can replace yourself like I did.

I will show you how to structure your business so other people run it for you and you make all this cash.

For the first time in history, I’m going to tell you exactly how you can do this, and for dirt cheap with this revolutionary, ingenious outsourcing method.

While I don’t truly live the 4-Hour Workweek, I do live about the 17 hour workweek.


I’ve replaced myself.


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(Ollan came to my seminar in Costa Rica)

If you haven’t done it yet, it will happen eventually. It’s only a matter of time and choice and which side you’re on*.

  • Time: you understand this
  • Choice: whether you chose to replace yourself, or whether someone else chooses to replace you (meaning…you just lost your job)
  • Which side you’re on: if you’re the one replacing yourself and training your replacement (because you make money from it) or if your boss is replacing you, and you’re training them to make money for someone else.

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Outsourcing isn’t about Walmart anymore. It’s about knowledge. It’s about being a knowledge worker. It’s about the world economy and what your time is worth.
It’s not all about big business like you always hear. For me it’s about how I can take advantage of inefficiencies in the world economy to make myself money.

It’s about how I make $2253 per hour by having other people do my work for me.
It’s about how most people invest in the stock market, hoping to make 8% per year (this year they all lost money).
Over the past few years I’ve invested my money in 6 Filipino workers and made 4047% return on my money.

If outsourcing isn’t a good thing for you (if the word has a negative connotation for you), you had better turn it into a good thing really quickly (especially if you’re working for yourself or trying to work for yourself) and get on the right side of it (the one doing the outsourcing). Otherwise you’re losing ground every day.

Over the past year I’ve had so many questions about this that I’ve decided to do a phone call teaching everything I know about how to be on the good side of outsourcing, and how and why you should replace yourself (Hint: It’s how I live the 4-hour workweek lifestyle…and how you can too).

I recorded the call and it’s available at

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On the call I will literally teach you everything I can. I’ll be teaching:

  • Where to hire people.
  • When to hire people.
  • Why it’s cheaper than you think.
  • Why you had such a bad experience outsourcing last time you tried.
  • How to find people to hire.
  • How to pay them (you never thought you’d have a hard time paying someone…).
  • What kinds of employment contracts I use.
  • How to make them more productive for you.
  • What tools I use to train them.
  • What things I have them do for me.
  • How you can get things done that you know you should be doing, but you aren’t. (imagine actually having everything done and not having something to work on sometimes…I do).
  • How to implement everything you learn about, but don’t implement

The call will be FREE to everyone.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme!!!

This is my method for outsourcing everything I possibly can, for pennies on the dollar, and at the same time automating my entire business (and life for that matter), so I can live the lifestyle of my dreams.

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There are 2 ways to outsource:

  1. The old way
  2. The new way

The old way is using,,,,, or any other website where you put up a project one time and hire someone to do it. This is what prevents online businesses from growing to 6 or 7 figure incomes.

The new way is with redefined outsourcing and how I replaced myself with permanent, full-time people, for less than $300/month.

This call is for you if:

  • you ever do anything repetitive at work
  • you do any sort of business online (whether you’re profitable or not)
  • you blog
  • you do marketing
  • you do SEO or PPC
  • you’re a programmer
  • you do sales
  • you have a boss
  • you get the idea…

(*I understand that not everything or everyone can or should be outsourced, but those situations are few and far between!)

Click here to get the FREE recorded call NOW!

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