How to record a webinar using Camtasia Studio


I know this is a bit off topic from my usual, but I’ve talked to so many people about this and nobody seems to have a good solution.

Here are the steps I use to get PERFECT video AND AUDIO gotowebinar or gotomeeting recordings using Camtasia.

  1. Get Virtual Audio Cable.
    You have to use the full version because the demo version won’t let you create enough audio repeaters.
    You have to use this so you can record the webinar sound.
  2. Set up Virtual Audio Cable like this:

    You’re really just setting up 4 “audio repeaters.”
  3. Open “Audio Repeater” windows
    You need to open up 4 “Audio Repeater” windows from the Virtual Audio Cable menu
  4. Set up the “Audio Repeater’s” like this:

    What you’re doing with this is redirecting the different sounds from your computer so it can be recorded with camtasia. You now have your microphone’s input and Virtual Cable 2 going to “Virtual Cable 3.”
  5. Redirect GoToWebinar/GoToMeeting to Virtual Cable 2.
    Click on “File” -> “Preferences” -> “Audio”
    Leave your microphone selected for the microphone, but change the “Speakers Setup” to send sound to “Virtual Cable 2.”
  6. Modify Camtasia Studio audio recording settings
    Open up Camtasia Recorder. Click on “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Audio”
    Then change the Audio device to be “Virtual Cable 3″ like this:
  7. Start all of the Audio Repeaters
  8. You’ll need to plug in a headset.
    If you use speakers for your sound, the audio from the webinar will play through your mic and you’ll get an echo
  9. Start or join a webinar or meeting on GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar
  10. Hit record on Camtasia
  11. With this setup you should get a fantastic recording of both your voice (straight from your microphone) and the voice of anyone else participating in the webinar (straight from GTW/GTM).

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