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I’m working on this project for right now which is a political site that Paul Allen, Dan Taggert, and Phil Windley want built. The domain came from some dude who used to provide counters for people who needed some money so he sold it to Paul. There are a whole bunch of links to the domain because people have thier counters pointed at it and because it’s listed all over the place as a counter for your website.

I’ve been trying to get this thing up to speed again so we can count peoples traffic because that’s what we thought it did. It turns out, it does count peoples traffic, but it doesn’t display it on their page like we thought it did.

Soooo, my idea is to provide a counter for people to use from my sites. From, from, from If I provide someone code they can just stick on their site and it will track the amount of hits their site gets, then I can have that code link back to me. People will put it on their homepages. They’ll put it all over the place. I don’t even have to have it say it’s from me, it’l just link back to me.

It’s easy, fun, and a great way to build link popularity.

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