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When writing content for a site, the keywords that are on the site are extremely important for how the site willshow up in search engine results. The keywords are what the site is about, what the main topic is. It’s important that the keywords are repeated on the page multiple times, and that it’s obvious to the search engines that those keywords are important for this page.

Here’s a tool that will analyze your page and tell you how much your keywords are showing up on your page as a percentage of your total content.

On this same site, there’s also a page that lists the keyword densities of top 10 pages. This is important because it shows the approximate keyword density that search engines think is appropriate for a webpage.

There’s some very interesting results on these pages from their google analysis of keyword density. It looks like most of the top 10 search result pages have lower keyword densities than you would initially thnk. The normal keyword density for the text of the page is about 2.2-2.4%. Also, most of the pages have about 890 words on the page. That means that about 2/100 words are the keywords the page is targeting. Of course, for titles and H1 tags it’s higher.

Also interesting was the fact that there were almost no results in the top 10 that had keyword density of greater than 5%.

I used to think that the keyword density for a page should be somewhere around 8-15% to get a top ranked page. Obviously I was wrong about that. Also interesting is that I have read several times that to get top ranking pages you should have between 250-350 words on the page. Also not true.

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