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The most common question I receive from so many of you out there is, how do I start out with earning money from the internet, what do I do?

The answer I give people is: Local Business Marketing!

(just last week I told my MOM! to start doing this)

Last night Kevin Wilke did an amazing webinar explaining how he does local business marketing.
His system is amazing because it just works.

I was able to do an interview with him talking about why I like what he’s doing so much, and why it works so well.

This is why I like Kevin’s program:

  • You don’t need to know every single detail about internet marketing. (Which is great for those who are still starting)
  • You look for clients before even starting, which less risk. (MAKE SALES!!!)
  • If you tie it in with outsourcing, it’s totally automatable, plus it’s a great stepping stone for great future business opportunities.

Here’s the interview I did with him:

Get Flash to see this player.

You can watch the webinar again (hopefully when you see this the webinar will still be available) here:

Here’s a link to join his program if it’s right for you:

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