My Guarantee


I sometimes recommend products.

When I do, here’s my guarantee to you:

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you buy something I recommend, and you buy it through my affiliate link,
I will personally guarantee that you’re satisfied with what you bought.

Yes, that’s a PERSONAL guarantee.

Meaning, that if you’re not satisfied with what you bought, try to get your money back from the company you bought from.

If they won’t give it back, I’ll personally go to them to get it back for you.
If I don’t get it back from them, I’ll personally give the money back to you.

Yes, I will personally give you your money back.

I will not tell you to buy junk!

I personally guarantee 100% satisfaction on anything you buy that I recommend.

*You have to be reasonable with the time frames (within their refund period)
*You have to have bought it using my affiliate link. I’m not doing this to give out free money.

I do this because when I recommend something, there’s a reason I’m recommending it. It’s a good product!
I also do this because I know that everyone I recommend will honor a refund request. I know that sometimes emails get deleted, communication problems happen, whatever… If that happens, let me know. I’ll go to bat for you.

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