My Remote Control Toilet Seat


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Since I was on a roll with my blog, I thought I’d also talk about the most recent technology that changed my life.

Night light…
Heated Seat…
Heated Water…
Pressure Control…
Heated Air (For after…)
Settings for Him, Settings for Her…

It’s Perfect!

We were playing Apples to Apples the other night and the green card “Perfect” came up. My wife, knowing my experience with my new toilet seat, put down the card “My Bathroom” and I instantly declared her the winner.

You can see more here:
Swash Intro
This one’s really funny (warning…you’ll see some bum’s)
I bought mine here (It’s significantly cheaper than anywhere else online).


Update: After posting this I got an email from Brondell who said that my story is the reason they started the company. So they could help people like me!

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