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I put up a new site that only took me a few days to build and get production ready. I’m really excited about it. It can be found at:

All I do is list ebay listings on my site. It was really simple to build and only cost me $7 for the domain plus $100 for the ebay certification. My goal with the site is to list all of ebay. Yep, that’s right, I want to list ebay. Everything. On the back end of the site is a mysql database with one table in it. I hope to grow that table to have millions of rows, each of which is just some keywords that are commonly searched on google and ebay. Each row has some id’s linking it to some other ids in the database, but that’s it.

I choose the site name because it has the words buy and online in it. I’m hoping/guessing that people who search for stuff with the words buy and online included in them are actually going to buy something and will probably make me more money.

I’m not going to do much SEO for this site. I’m just counting on people finding my based solely on the number of pages I have. I hope to have millions of pages indexed by google so I’m bound to come up near the top on tons of them.

The best thing about this is that it was soooooo easily built, very easily maintainable (just one page that pulls content based on the id in the url), and very easy to add content to. There’s virtually no more work I have to do. Although…that still remains to be seen. I’ll probably end up doing work on it that I don’t realize I’ll have to do.

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