Overture Gods have mercy


A few months ago I got banned from using the Overture keyword suggester tool because I had written a script that would query it automatically for me.
Being banned from the tool was somewhat of a pain in the butt…because I couldn’t just pull it up any time I wanted to check search amounts. It didn’t stop me from doing it…as I just wrote another tool that I could stick on a server somewhere (a different ip address, that’s what overture banned) and have it query overture and give me the search amounts.
However, I didn’t like being banned from it so months ago I sent them an email asking them to unban me and I promised I’d never do again what I had been doing.

They said no.

Just today I randomly checked the tool again and I HAVE BEEN UN-BANNED!!!

I don’t know why, maybe it was just the people at overture feeling the need to repent of their evil ways and have mercy on poor peons like me. Or maybe they just made me sit out a predetermined amount of time and are now letting me have a chance again.

Either way, I’m happy to be able to use it again.

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