A couple of the products available in this $19 charity WSO, are products we use, and which we paid $97 for.

It’s a great way to get access to some really good tools to help your local marketing business.

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At ReplaceMyself, where we teach people to outsource to the Philippines, we just released 2 new trainings:

  • Digital Publishing Training – Teaches your Filipino VA how to publish books to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks
  • Content Curation – Teaches your Filipino VA how and why to curate content onto blogs to generate traffic.

Both modules are very well done and will save anyone who uses them tons of time.

How Can We Help You???

We’re considering adding a couple live training sessions each month where we would have someone get on a webinar with YOUR FILIPINO VA’S and teach them different traffic strategies or business building strategies.

Would live training for your VA be of interest to you?
What kinds of training would you like to see?

Please reply in the comments.


Today I got an email from Phil:

John, you nailed me, I am doing nothing while trying to learn everything. I can’t build an auto-responder, I found out me web-site is a template that I can’t change only add. I started a blog and found out it’s only a facebook page, I spent a great deal of time advertising on Plenty of Fish, over 200,000 views to get 25 clicks and no conversions.

I know that I need help but I believe you that I need to out source right now but I am afraid that I don’t know how to tell them what I need done, and what is it I need done?

I think I need a landing page, but why shouldn’t I out source it? I want a blog, outsource? I think I need a new web site but I don’t know how to abandon the old, damn this is hard.

I am aware that I need to dumb it down and get things done one at a time, I have clickbank, I have adf.ly, I have advertising money but what should I do to start the cash flow so that I can tackle the WHOLE? I need to produce leads for an insurance project how?

Woah!!! A bit overwhelmed…no?

So, here’s some advice for anyone who is overwhelmed in starting their internet business.


While I can’t answer all your questions (it would take me all day and would be an entire training course), I can give you some advice.

It sounds like you’re all over the place trying to implement a bunch of different things you’ve heard about.
It doesn’t sound like you have a cohesive strategy.

Map Out Your Business

I suggest you sit down and map out your business plan. Draw it out on a napkin or a piece of paper.

Figure out

  • your traffic source
  • where the people will go
  • why they’ll go there
  • what they’ll do when they get to your site
  • why they’ll do it (you’re crafting your “offer” here)
  • what action they’ll take
  • what they’ll do after they take the action

Don’t skip any of these pieces. Skipping them means you’re going to fail.

Understand Your Customers. Add Value.

During the whole process, make sure you think about and understand “Why is someone going to do this?”.

  • Why is someone going to click on my ad? (saying “just because if I get 100,000 views SOMEBODY’S got to click!” isn’t good enough)
  • Why is someone going to buy from my website (saying “if I get enough visitors SOMEBODY’S got to buy!!!” isn’t good enough)
  • Why would someone opt-in here?
  • Do I really need someone to opt-in here? (saying “because so-and-so guru says I need to” isn’t good enough)
  • Why would someone buy this product?
  • Is it what the person really wants?
  • Am I giving them a reason to buy which would make ME buy?
  • Am I trying to fool people here? Am I tricking people here? (if so, it’s NOT going to work)
  • Why am I outsourcing? What exactly am I outsourcing?
  • Does someone else know how to do what I want done?
  • Do I know how to tell them how to do it? If not, you’re asking for trouble.
  • If you’re not adding value to people, you’re likely to fail.
    If you’re trying to fool people, you’re likely to fail.
    If you don’t understand why someone is going to buy, you’re likely to fail.

    Understand The End From The Beginning

    As you go through things, make sure you understand the end from the beginning.
    Make sure you understand every step of the process. If you don’t, go figure it out NOW. Otherwise, when you get to that step you’ll get bogged down, you’ll skip it, and your business is very likely to fail.


There are lots of ways to succeed in this business. There’s no “right” answer.
When you fail at something, try that thing again. DON’T move on to the next thing and say “Well, that didn’t work the first time, so it must not work at all.”

One of my favorite quotes:

If you want to succeed, double your failure rate!
-Thomas Watson

Success in this business is a matter of understanding why you’re doing what you’re doing, doing it, and then doing it again.

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After I lost my gmail account then recovered my gmail account I became much more security conscious.

Yesterday @Mat Honan lost everything.
Please read his story

I write this just in hopes that it will save a few people some headache.

7 Simple Ways To Protect Your Digital Life


    • USE DIFFERENT PASSWORDS! – I use different passwords for my email, facebook, twitter, apple, amazon, bank, and lastpass. Anything which would cause me pain if hacked…I use a different password. SUPER IMPORTANT.
      Why? It’s becoming more and more common for a hacker to hack a database and pull all the email addresses and passwords. Then they use software to try every email/password they just got on gmail/facebook/twitter/yahoo/msn…
    • Use Different Emails – I don’t use my main email address for setting up accounts online. My “accounts” email address forwards to my main email. It’s easy for a hacker to get a hold of your primary email address. Not as easy to guess a separate account email.
    • Use a different recovery email address – My account recovery email address is not with a common email provider. It’s on it’s own. Just one more layer.
    • Use Gmail’s 2 Factor Authentication – No, seriously. This is not a joke. It’s not hard. It adds peace of mind. It makes hacking your account SUPER difficult. DO IT NOW!
    • Use Lastpass – Nobody wants to remember the different passwords for different accounts. Use Lastpass. Everything’s encrypted. Use Google Authenticator for 2 factor authentication on Lastpass.
    • Stop using your mothers maiden name – Don’t tell websites your pet’s name. Don’t tell them what elementary school you went to. Create a system for security answers. If you don’t, you might end up like Sara Palin.
    • MAKE BACKUPS EVERYWHERE!- I like backups. They make me feel good. I use
      1. Syncback to backup my computer to an external hard drive inside my house.
      2. Carbonite to make automatic backups online.
      3. Backupify.com to backup the data I create online (google data, Facebook, Blogger, WordPress, Picasa, Flickr, Twitter).
      4. Crashplan to make online backups of all my data from all my computers. Fantastic automatic backup service!
      5. Flickr to backup photos. One of my GUYS uploads my photos to Flickr for me. Now my photos are on my computer, the external hard drive, mozy, crashplan, and flickr. I don’t intend to lose memories of my children!
      6. Zoho Mail to pop all my gmail so I have an accessible copy of all my email somewhere NOT on google’s servers.

      If you’re not backing up your data, you’re begging to lose it.

    • Don’t give out personal information – DUH! Yet so many people happily give it out. Godaddy called me the other day and the conversation went like this:
      Godaddy: Hi, can I speak with John?
      Me: This is John
      Godaddy: Hi John, can you please verify your account by telling me the last 4 digits of your credit card?
      Me: HECK NO! You called me! How about you give me the last 4 of your credit card to prove you’re actually Godaddy!

      Godaddy wouldn’t do it that way if people didn’t give it to them all the time!

      Be careful with your info. Nobody EVER asks for passwords, don’t send money via western union, don’t give out your social security number or your birthday, Google and Facebook don’t send out emails saying “Your account has been compromised.”

I’m not a security expert

But doing some simple things can go a long way towards protecting your digital life.

I’d love to learn more from you in the comments.


Every year there are numerous typhoons in the Philippines.  It’s always sad.

Recently there have been numerous typhoons back to back.

It’s a good time to check on your GUYS and make sure they’re ok.

Here’s an email I had forwarded to me today. It originated in the Philippines.

One of my customers forwarded me an email from one of her GUYS.

“Dear sir and ma’am, this is the daughter of [NAME]. sorry for no updates lately. i am now at the city just to email you. there is a calamity happen to our place HINAPLANON ILIGAN CITY. there is a huge flood happen to our place. Thanks God that we are all alive in our family and there is no one in harm. right now, there is no electricty and internet in our place. and our was was damaged until to our 2nd floor. we will send you some pictures and videos to what happen to our place. it was very horrible. we stayed all night until morning at the roof looking at the rising water. all our things were damaged except for our computer and laptop, we saved it so that my mother can still work on you ma’am. maybe this will be the last email until we haven’t recover yet. we will just email if have recovered sir and ma’am. we need your help and consideration sir and ma’am. until now, our house was full of mud because of the flood. and some of our neighbors and close friends died. thanks to God sir and ma’am that we are safe… thank you sir and ma’am. just see the news at our place HINAPLANON, ILIGAN CITY, it is the one of the major destructed place.”

The most important thing to save was their LAPTOP!

If you don’t have Filipino’s working for you, you’re missing the boat!


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I understand that generalizing “living the four hour work week” into
“7 EASY STEPS!!!…” isn’t likely to work for everyone…


I’ve been living the 4 hour work week (actually, the 17 hour work week: 4 hours/week made me bored) for about 5 years now. I’ve helped numerous other people do it.

So, while these steps aren’t necessarily easy, they’re basically required (in my experience).

It WON’T happen overnight.
It took me a couple of years
(without realizing what I was trying to do).

It’s DEFINITELY possible. I do it.
I had lunch with someone today who is also doing it.

7 Steps To Living The 4 Hour Work Week

    • Learn about online businesses

      The only way this is possible (as far as I know) is if you have a business that can make sales by itself, 24/7.
      Learn how it’s done! Learn what autoresponders are, what different shopping carts do, what a squeeze page is, how to write sales copy, what an affiliate program is, how adwords works, basic SEO, …
      There’s SOOOOO much to learn.
      Don’t spent too much time learning about it. It’s super easy to get caught up learning and learning and never implement. However, you’ll find it much easier if you have a basis for action before you start implementing.
      Jim’s book “The Silent Sales Machine” is a great place to start. It will give you a great education and give you ton’s of ideas.

    • Create a plan for an online business

      Make sure you understand it. Make sure you can see the end from the beginning and that you can understand how to get there.
      Don’t try to re-invent Facebook. Don’t create the worlds greatest and newest and most magical website.
      Follow what other successful people have done in the past.
      I see too many people go into a business not understanding all the pieces. You don’t need to know how to do everything, but you need to understand what needs to get done and why.

    • Start an online business.

      Read my post about how to start a business online. Maybe you can live the 4-hour work week without an online business…but I don’t know anyone who has.

    • Plan to outsource everything from the beginning.

      Even in internet businesses, there’s always work to be done. Fortunately, most of it can (and should) be outsourced. This is the most important piece of the 4 hour work week plan. With every business decision you should ask “Can that be outsourced?” If not, maybe it shouldn’t be part of your business. Maybe it should, but recognize that each piece you take on is one step farther from the 4-hour workweek. Here’s where you can learn to outsource.

    • Stay away from bright shiny objects.

      Stay on track.
      Follow your plan.
      You DON’T need to implement everything you hear about.
      You DON’T need to have everything done before you start. Your business will evolve over time and you’ll have a chance to try all the different things you hear about.
      If you don’t focus you’ll find yourself pulled in all different directions and you’ll never succeed at any one of them.
      Start with something small and make it profitable. Then automate that small thing.

    • Make decisions based around your lifestyle.

      If something is going to require a bunch of work from you, maybe it’s not worth it.
      If it involves you being the only one who can do the work, and it’s something that happens all the time, it’s probably not going to fit the 4hww.
      Right from the beginning, think about the lifestyle you’re trying to build.
      Part of every decision is the question: Am I going to have to do this more than once? and Will this create ongoing work for me? If the answer to either is Yes, then maybe it’s not a good decision.

    • Find something to fill your time

      Before you can fill your time, your business has to succeed. This one assumes you’ve succeeded at the previous 5. If not, go out and work your butt off (I did).
      When you do start to succeed, as long as there’s time in the day, you’re going to fill it.
      You can choose to fill it with work, or fill it with life.
      For some people, work is life.
      For me, I spend time with my family, playing golf, and trying to do service.
      As you find free time, fill that time with things that AREN’T work.
      One thing I remind myself constantly is that “Work will be there tomorrow, my family might not be!”

Tim Ferriss’ book changed my life.
It opened my eyes to what I could do with my time because of the business I had built.
Once you build the business, make choices to spend time doing exactly what you want.

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I know this post is going to cause controversy…but…

This is a common problem:

“My Filipino employee works, but it’s like he’s only working 2 hours/day instead of 8.

What do I do?”

First let me say I struggle with this too!

Second: This post is not intended at any of my current employees…even though some are currently struggling with this.

Third: It’s not always the case that they’re being dishonest with you or working for someone else. Often the problem is with me. I haven’t given clear instructions. I haven’t paid enough attention to what they’re working on. I haven’t given enough direction for them to do what I want them to do.

So how do I deal with it?

Tough question.

The first step is to look inward.  Make sure you’re blaming yourself first. You’re taking the responsibility of not having done enough training, spent enough time, given correct instruction.

If that doesn’t work…

Some things I’ve done include:

  • Ask them if they’re struggling with something.
  • Mention times when they were very productive vs. times they’re not very productive (now). Ask what’s going on.
  • Ask who else they’re working for. We both know this is happening sometimes.  I hate it. But it’s good to get it out there.
  • Ask what they’re struggling with.
  • Tell the importance of the daily email.  If I don’t get the daily email, my business falls apart.  Sometimes they forget this.  I need the daily email to track what’s going on. Sometimes just getting the daily email is enough to get them (and me) back on track so that work quality goes up.
  • Have a frank conversation. “Look, I know the difference when you’re working well and when you’re not.  It’s pretty obvious to me.”
  • Use time tracking software more carefully.
  • Ask why things are taking so long.  What do they need more instructions on.

There is no perfect solution to this!

Ask lots of questions.

It’s amazing what you might find out (like they’re pregnant and didn’t want to tell you because they thought they might lose their job…so instead of telling you, they just worked less and hoped…)

I try really hard not to let people go. This situation has put me really close.

I’d love to hear your experience and how you deal with this situation.


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