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how to rank on google


I love that:

1. it’s from the Philippines

2. it’s from 1 billion people




Having started and run lots of businesses online, here’s my advice on starting your own online business.


First: The Don'ts

Before you go making a bunch of mistakes…

    • Don’t Try To Re-invent The Wheel – Lots of other people have started businesses. Lots of them are willing to tell you how they did it. Find a blueprint for what works and follow it. Below I’ll give recommendations for business models I believe are the easiest/best to follow.
    • Don’t Get Caught Up In Bright, Shiny Objects – As you begin learning, you’ll find that everyone has something to sell you. Almost every one of them is “THE BEST, MOST AWESOMEST, 100% GUARANTEED, IF YOU DON’T DO IT YOU’RE STUPID WAY TO MAKE MONEY ANYWHERE EVER!!!” My experience is: the more you jump from one thing to another, even if the other thing looks better, the less likely you are to succeed.
    • Don’t Get A Merchant Account – Lots of people will tell you “you need a merchant account in order to process credit cards!” Don’t fall for it. It’s expensive. Plus, there are lots of other ways to collect money. Try Paypal, Google Checkout, or Intuit Payment Network. Any of them will make it super easy to collect money (just copy and paste the code they’ll give you).
    • Don’t set up an LLC – At least…not until you’re making money. You’ll find tons of people wanting to set you up a Nevada LLC because of all it’s “benefits.” It’s all a bunch of crap.
    • Don’t do “paid surveys” – Worst idea ever! You’ll NEVER make any money from this, no matter how easy they make it look.

I’ve seen too many people make these mistakes before the ever even get started.

Next: The Do's

Now for my advice on what to do when starting an internet business. Most sites will give you a bunch of generic advice like “find stuff to sell” or “clean out your garage and sell it on ebay”. What a bunch of garbage.

    • Learn To Sell – When I read “Learn how to sell” in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” I thought: “Nah…I don’t want to and I don’t like it. I’ll get other people to sell for me”. Wrong! Not only will you be selling online, knowing how to sell online will make all the difference in the world for your confidence as you begin any venture.Learn to write sales copy. I’m not saying you need to write your own copy (I usually don’t), but knowing it will give you power. When you don’t know how to sell, don’t know how to write sales copy, you’ll do everything else except the important part, MAKE SALES! You’ll beat around the bush doing tasks that won’t ever make you money. Learning to sell will give you a TON of confidence and will take you like 2 hours. Here are two pretty good copywriting courses: http://www.sherus.com/business/copywriting/ and http://www.copyblogger.com/copywriting-101/.
    • Recognize: This Is A Business! – I see too many people who try to start an online business who treat it like a hobby or a get-rich-quick scheme. If you don’t want a “get-rich-quick” scheme, don’t treat it like one. You’re not going to make a bazillion dollars overnight. IT WILL TAKE TIME! Implement what you learn and learn from your failures. Also, recognize that as a business, IT WON’T BE FREE! (but I’ll tell you the best, most economical places to get started…at least…according to my 7 years experience)
    • Get A Practical Education- When you know how to sell it’s time to learn what works online.
      This involves learning tactics
      and implementing them!
      The best way I know of to get this education is at NicheProfitClassroom.com. I’ve seen hundreds of people go through the training at NPC. It’s the best in the world. The best part of it is that it helps you implement the tactics you’re learning. Adam makes “making money” sound much easier than it is, and maybe it is for him, but the fact his, his training inside NicheProfitClassroom is the best in the world and will definitely propel you forward in your online business. Another place you can get a really good education is at Challenge.co. Both offer step-by-step training and implementation.

      Implementation is Key!

      If you don’t implement what you learn, you guarantee failure!
    • Learn To Outsource – The reason you’re starting a business onlineis to that business can run itself for you, right? A brick-and-mortar store can’t run itself for you.  A website can…sort-of! My experience is that a website must be updated and maintained or it will die. So how do you live the lifestyle you want?


      It’s amazing what you can outsource nowadays. You just have to know how. In my not-so-humble opinion, here’ the best place to learn to outsource.

    • Follow A System That Works – I already told you about 2 systems (NPC and Challenge.co) which will give you the best education. However, in my opinion, the best way to make money online is as a consultant doing online work for offline businesses. It’s easy to learn, it’s easy to understand, and I see success story after success story of people doing it using all kinds of systems.It’s not what you would consider a “normal online business”, but it’s the quickest way to see profits. In my experience, the best place to get started is at OfflineBiz.com. It’s cheap, has a huge community behind it (super easy to get help), and the guys who run it are honest, smart, and know what they’re teaching, and, the best part…people who use it are succeeding!

Last: Pay Attention

- Get An Education (an online education)
- Follow A System
- Implement What You Learn
I see too many people skipping steps. They don’t want to learn, or they JUST want to learn and never implement. Or, worse, they learn, and implement, but never stick with anything and just jump from one program to another. If you don’t stick with something you’ll never succeed.

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This Thursday begins Holy Week in the Philippines.

For detailed info, see the wikipedia article on holy week in the Philippines.

For you, it means time off for your VA’s.

They’ll take at least Thursday and Friday off (plus the weekend). They might want to take Wednesday off.

Let them know it’s ok for them to have it off. It builds goodwill.

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A great job post can do more than just advertise your need for an employee. A great job post can also attract the right kind of applicants, giving you better choices when looking for the best person for the job.

This is especially important when you’re hiring Filipino workers. A lot of business owners I know complain about why there are a lot of unqualified Filipinos inquiring about their job post or why none of the qualified Filipino workers seem to want to apply for their job postings.

It’s like Dating

I think an online job post is a lot like online dating. You want to be attractive enough for people to want to date you but you don’t want every Tom, Dick and Harry asking for your number. You want whoever’s interested to meet your qualifications, but you don’t want to set these qualifications too high and scare off potential dates. Nor do you want to set them too low and appear desperate.

In line with the online dating analogy, here are a few tips on how to write a great job post and attract the right kind of Filipino employees.

  1. Be clear in what you want in an employee. We all have this list in our heads on what we’re looking for in an ideal mate. We should do the same thing when we’re looking for employees. It’s easier to find the Filipino employee that you want when you spell out what you want in that employee. Let’s say you’re looking for a virtual assistant. What kind of virtual assistant are you looking for? Do you want someone with a strong background in writing, SEO, or administrative skills? This lets the potential applicant asses his qualifications early on and weeds out those who don’t make the cut.
  2. Have realistic expectations. There’s no such thing as an ideal mate in the same way there’s no such thing as a Filipino VA who has excellent English skills, can do SEO, WordPress modification, programming and website design. It’s just too much, for anyone! Ask yourself, what skills do you need for your business and what can you do without. List down the tasks that you need to be done and can’t do by yourself; that’s how you should write down the skills you’re looking for in an employee.
  3. Be the person that you want to hire. When it comes to finding employees, opposites don’t attract. Rather, it’s people with the same values and work ethics that get along together. So instead of writing down the qualities you want to see in your job applicants, write down the qualities you like about your company, your people, and the qualities you want to see in them.
  4. Use measurable criteria. If you want your date to be an animal lover, the first thing you ask if whether or not they have a pet. As much as possible, ask for references, samples or portfolios in your job posts. Those who can submit these requirements are the one most likely to be qualified for the job.

Like dating, you’ll probably have to kiss a few frogs before finding the ONE. But once you do find that perfect Filipino employee, you’ll see that they will be worth the effort and worth the wait.

Post a job at OnlineJobs.ph.

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Part of changing your mindset is giving other people tasks
that you would normally have done yourself.

It’s also about using your resources efficiently.  If you can
buy an ebook about something for $50, and have that teach
your guys how to do it, why wouldn’t you do that instead
of spending 3-4 hours creating training yourself?

Is your time really only worth $12/hour?

It’s the same thing with ReplaceMyself.com.

    • Did you know that 98% of the content inside ReplaceMyself.com isn’t for you!


It’s for you to give to your guys to train them.

    • It’s process lists.
    • It’s step by step training.
    • It’s business concepts.
    • It’s minute details to make sure stuff gets done correctly.

The point of ReplaceMyself.com is to help you change your mindset.

If you don’t change it, how can you ever expect to be the

CEO of your company?

Here’s the training to hand off to your Filipino VA’s.
All of this stuff is there to help you move towards the lifestyle
you want to be living.

If you’re not living it now, when are you going to start?

“As soon as…?”

“As soon as…” never comes.

Today’s the day to start.

I understand that this is a blatant ad for my website.
I’ve just seen too many people try to hire someone, not train them, and then complain that “this doesn’t work.”
It does work.
You just have to train the people you hire…and then manage them well.


Over the past few months I’ve begun to realize that doing

outsourcing correctly requires a change in mindset.


See…most people are so used to busting their own butt to get stuff done,

that giving their work to other people is very foreign to them.

It’s almost unnatural.

I know often people think “If I do it myself it’l get done faster and better.”



That’s exactly the wrong mindset I’m talking about.

The problem with it is that you’ll always be the one doing it.

Even if it does get done faster and better, you’re still

limiting the amount of stuff that gets done.

When you change your mindset, you start giving stuff to other

people and letting them figure it out. 

No, I’m not talking about giving business decisions to other

people, you still have to do that.

I’m talking about tasks that someone else can do.


For example, here’s a list of things I recently had my people

do for me:

    • Set up a listing for me
    • convert all my videos using Super
    • create and encode a video for me using 2 different videos and an audio stream
    • upload my personal pictures from my personal PC to my flickr account (hey…this is about lifestyle…I’m tired of doing this!)
    • Set up an aweber mailing list
    • Write a sales letter (yes, you read that right…and they did a dang good job too).
    • Tell me what ebook in which industry we should write next! 
I did very little training for this stuff because I’ve already given them so much training (all the stuff that’s available as a ReplaceMyself.com member) that now they can figure out almost anything):

After your guys are trained, they can do ANYTHING!

You just have to change your mindset!


 Here’s the training you need:




Recently Facebook implemented it’s new Timeline feature for fan pages, converting all fan pages to the new format as of March 30, 2012. This change has important implications for internet marketers:

- Reduces the effectiveness of using a Like Gate to get more fans
- You’re no longer allowed to specify a default “landing tab” for your fan page, all users see the timeline unless they arrive via direct link to another tab
- Increases opportunities for visual branding
- Provides more promotional features

This article from HyperArts thoroughly covers the implications of the changes.

To make your life easier, we updated the ReplaceMyself.com Facebook training module to provide training for your employees to stay on top of Facebook changes.

If you don’t want to deal with the new changes (I don’t), have your Filipino workers do it.

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