This was such a fun case study.
The last picture is of Marvin and his team wearing sunglasses because, as they said:

The future is so bright we have to wear shades

This is a screen capture of what Marvin Skyped me.

My main goal in the interview was to just tell listeners to do what you say and just do it.  We stumbled around for six months looking for a plan, but you cant learn it any other way. You tell them everything they need to do.  All they have to do it follow thru.I hope that is the message I got across.  If two 60 year old retirees can use replacemyself.com to start a business in the Philippines antone can.

Listen to this interview I did with Marvin

File Download: MP3 Audio, ~13.3mb MB

  • 1:35 – take action and hire someone in 2 days!
  • 2:30 – start by hiring 1 person. Don’t hire 6 at once!
  • 4:27 – establish relationships with people
  • 5:07 – their first fear is if they’re going to get paid
  • 6:37 – taking your internet marketing education and adapting it to a different business
  • 8:37 – wrote down every single detail of a plan for building his sites
  • 9:42 – his profit sharing program
  • 9:52 – how much he’s paying people
  • 10:32 – how and why he did time trials for tasks
  • 12:37 – more explation of his profit sharing system
  • 15:27 – some of the things he does to get 200 visitors/day
  • 16:02 – 3 strike rule
  • 17:07 – sensitivity, loyalty, productivity of Filipino employees
  • 17:42 – No Philippines taxes, 100% US tax deductible
  • 18:37 – explanation of his business model
  • 21:24 – Filipinos are excellent at doing repetitive tasks
  • 21:52 – they appreciate their jobs
  • 24:22 – tips for hiring Filipino workers
Marvin, his Wife, his business partner, and their Filipino team!
The future is so bright that we have to wear shades.

His company is Black Tiger Imports


Chris has been very successful in numerous businesses.
He now has multiple teams of Filipino workers with lots of people on them.

His success is better now than ever…but he went through quite a learning process to get there.

This is a fantastic case study and success story of using outsourcing to grow a business.
Chris is super smart and teaches a LOT.

File Download: MP3 Audio, ~27mb MB — File Download: iPhone/iPod Version

Summary of the outsourcing success story

  • 0:30 – Chris’ evolution in outsourcing: 4 Hour Work Week, then India, then my presentation
  • 2:20 – Giving my training (the training available inside ReplaceMyself.com) to his people
  • 3:30 – What his guys do for him
    • register accounts
    • filling out profiles
    • market research
    • keyword research
    • backlinking
    • article marketing
    • traffic geyser
    • project management
  • 4:45 – Chris usesmixture of full-time and part-time people
  • 5:00 – high-end pay: $8/hour
  • 5:15 – low-end pay: $4/hour
  • 6:40 – How Chris is involved: daily maintenance with google docs and odesk platform
  • 7:20 – time tracking software: TrackLabor.com
  • 9:24 – being very clear with what you want and limiting tasks to specialties
  • 11:30 – teaching them to the point where they see the problems and solutions in your business
  • 12:30 – different methods of finding people
  • 13:05 – recruiting in your GUYS network
  • 15:00 – finding project managers from within your employees
  • 16:15 – investing in the education in your employees
  • 19:00 – he doesn’t have an office in the Philippines, they all work from home
  • 20:00 – TREAT THEM WELL!!! <-- this is the most common piece of advice I see from people who are succeeding with this!

If you have an Outsourcing Success Story, Please share it!. I want to hear about your success (and I’ll probably give you some free advice if you do).


David is another great success story with outsourcing to the Philippines.

He has built a really great business thanks to being able to outsource all his fulfillment work.

After the video is a summary of the case study.

File Download: MP3 Audio, ~7mb MB — File Download: iPhone/iPod Version

Summary of the outsourcing success study with David

  • 0:25 – Davids business model – owning the top 10 on google
  • 1:00 – What David’s 7 people in the Philippines do for him
    • free consultation
    • keyword research
    • use software
    • build backlinks
    • on-site SEO
    • creating videos and doing video marketing
    • high PR linkbuilding
    • article marketing
  • 4:05 – One of his Filipino workers does lead generation for him <-- THIS IS GENIUS
  • 5:30 – David’s hiring process
  • 6:00 – often Filipino resumes are exaggerated – expect it.
  • 6:30 – make sure they know they can ask questions
  • 7:00 – having them use tools you don’t know how to use
  • 9:00 – a couple ways he has trained his people
  • 10:10 – his tips
    • hire full-time people (not part-time)
    • have them check-in every day
    • have specific tasks for specific people
    • don’t give people money in advance!!

Recently David put together a training package for how he’s done what he’s done at Be and SEO consultant in 90 days.

If you have a Success Story, Please share it!. I want to hear about your success (and I’ll probably give you some free advice if you do).


This is a great case study of how Derrel has used outsourcing to succeed in providing local business marketing services.

Derral has done a great job in setting up his business with outsourcing.
The quality of the video is pretty bad. The audio is much better.
It’s surprisingly difficult to get good video+audo recording in today’s world.

File Download: MP3 Audio, ~27mb MB — File Download: iPhone/iPod Version

Here’s a summary of the case study.

  1. 1:15 – He does website design, programming, and SEO for people.
  2. 1:55 – the joys of internet connection problems
  3. 2:25 – problems with hiring local people to do the work for you
  4. 2:50 – Cultural differences with India
  5. 3:30 – A “Yes” in India isn’t the same as a “Yes” in the USA
  6. 5:20 – Copying and Pasting an email template
  7. 6:00 – How he filters people in hiring (this is really good)
  8. 8:00 – His experience giving a first task
  9. 8:45 – How much writing is possible…just don’t expect this
  10. 10:15 – Looking for a technical person (HTML, PHP, CSS)
  11. 11:00 – Giving leeway
  12. 11:25 – Another Filipino going above and beyond
  13. 12:15 – When Derral realized he had replaced himself
  14. 13:00 – Don’t find a jack-of-all-trades
  15. 14:10 – Kinds of people to hire <<-- Video quality gets much better here
    • English Writer
    • Technical person (programmer)
    • 16:20 – how to test a programmer
    • 17:30 – PHP is a more important skill than “wordpress programming”
    • Graphic designer
    • SEO (he talks about this at 25:55)
    • Video Editing and video marketing (he talks about this at 26:20)
  16. 19:00 – filling their downtime to generate passive income
  17. 21:55 – Keeping people in stable work so they don’t look for other work
  18. 22:40 – Letting them finish something before starting something new
  19. 23:45 – What you can do when you have a programmer working for you
  20. 24:25 – Not outsourcing keyword research
  21. 26:45 – SEO takes time!!!
  22. 27:00 – How we both haven’t outsourced social media yet (if you have, please contact me!)
  23. 28:12 – When to get a project manager
  24. 30:00 – How much to be involved with the project manager
  25. 30:50 – using screen capture will make your life easier
  26. 31:40 – TREAT YOUR PEOPLE WELL!!!
  27. 32:30 – Giving praise
  28. 33:00 – Specific hiring tips (and an interruption)
  29. 34:00 – Contract work (freelancers) doesn’t work as well as hiring full-time
  30. 36:40 – Video works great for getting exactly what you want done
  31. 37:00 – Going from sceptic to success story!

If you have a Success Story, Please share it!. I want to hear about your success (and I’ll probably give you some free advice if you do).


This is one of the most important videos I’ve ever done.

The difference between hiring Full-time vs Part-time is shocking.

It’s different for your workers.
It’s different for productivity.
It’s different for your ability to succeed.
It’s different in quantity.
It’s different in quality.
It’s different for your brain.
It’s NOT different in PRICE! when going from part-time to full-time

Hire Full-Time Workers In The Philippines!!!

File Download: Outsourcing MP3 Audio, < 3 MB


  1. Part-time work in the Philippines is ALWAYS temporary! It’s hard on you. It’s hard on them.
  2. Cost:
    • $3/hour X 20 hours/week = $240/month (part-time)
    • I pay $250/month for the same worker full-time
  3. It’s REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, REALLY important for Filipinos to have full-time, permanent work.
  4. You’ll get better work done if you hire full-time.
  5. You’ll be more productive if you hire full-time people (not just THEM, YOU! will be too).

Please don’t just read this summary. This 1 concept can (likely will) make or break the effectiveness of the outsourcing you’re doing.

OnlineJobs.ph is currently the best place to hire Filipino workers.


Determining someone’s english skills is one of the most common problems I come across.

When I was in the Philippines last year I was given this awesome tip for one way to get a better idea.

Ask potential employees if they grew up watching “Sesame Street” or “Batibot.”

This is really clever, and surprisingly effective!

File Download: Outsourcing MP3 Audio, < 1 MB

Ask your current employees what they grew up with and let me know in the comments if this was correct.

Just FYI, my guess is that this technique will become less and less effective over time as more and more Filipinos know what their answer should be (from this blog post).


One of my GUYS sent me this tool today:


It will show you who’s searching for the keywords you’re targeting by:

  • age
  • gender
  • location
  • search volume
  • alternative keywords

Put in “photoshop” and “learn guitar” for some surprising demographics (at least…surprising to me!).

It would be super easy to be marketing to the wrong demographic if you’re in those markets.

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