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Googles PageRank is such an important part of search engine optimization. If you don’t know the pagerank of all the pages that matter to you, you’re going to struggle to make them better. For the non micro$oft users out there, it’s been impossible to find the pagerank of pages because google will only show you the pagerank of a page through use of their toolbar, which is only available in internet explorer.

Why google does this I don’t know. As far as I can tell, the only benefit they get from not releasing another way of finding the pagerank is that nobody can come close to finding out how they calculate it (except that it’s already pretty well known how it’s calculated minus some of the tweaks they’ve made over the past few years). Other than that, I can’t think of another reason they do it. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Well, for us Linux users, here’s our savior. It’s a page that will show you the google pagerank of a page. Apparently google does an http get query from the google toolbar in ie to some page in their site that returns the pagerank of the url that gets passed to it. Some guys sniffed packets and figured out how the algorithm works and created a web page for the public to use. You can put in a list of pages and it will tell you the pagerank of all of them. It’s awesome.

This is one of the best tools out there.

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