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I’m always looking for things that are easy to outsource.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen one as simple as this.

Inside I give people a “Business-in-a-box” that lets the guy they hire get started doing simple affiliate marketing without any intervention on the customer’s part.

All you have to do is say “Go do this” (like Dion did) and it gets done. Simple.

A friend of mine has made it even easier.

See, my business-in-a-box is based around the game of numbers. If you put up enough campaigns, you’re GOING to find some that are profitable. If you’re not the one putting up the campaigns, it actually gets done, and you make money.

What Letian is doing is he took the numbers out of the process. I interviewed him about it. Listen to this:

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After Letian agreed to do this interview with me, I got him to give some of what he’s doing away for free.

Click here to get Letians free profitable campaigns
(I think he has only given this away to his personal list before)

With that he’s also giving away access to Top Secret Automatic Money program, plus video editing training (here’s how I did it, I wish I had his training).

This is one of the easiest things I’ve ever seen for giving something to your Filippino to have him make you money with very (VERY) little effort on your part.

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