Something is screwed up at Google


So watch this:

Number of pages indexed in Yahoo
Number of pages indexed in MSN

What happened here?

NO pages in Google!

Well, I’ll tell you what didn’t happen. It didn’t happen that the site is brand new and doesn’t have any inbound links:

Number of backlinks in MSN

(the reason I show msn is because they show true numbers. That IS the number of links that point to

And it didn’t happen that the site isn’t getting any traffic:

Alexa ranking
Site statistics

So what the heck are they doing at google?

Did they label me and everything I do as being spam?

Maybe. But the number of pages indexed for would indicate the opposite, as would the number of pages indexed for

The site has been up for over 3 months now.

The site is getting pretty reasonable amounts of traffic.

Google’s spider has visited the site (most recently on christmas day, but I know they came over a month ago) and has gone WAY beyond the homepage.

Is this a power struggle within the google algorithm between it thinking this is a spam site vs the number of incoming links the site has?

Or is google broken this time like yahoo was a few months ago?

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