Success Stories

Have you succeeded in your internet business
in part because of what you’ve learned
from someone else?
Do you have a success story to share?
Has outsourcing helped you succeed?

I’d love to hear it! and so would the rest of the world.

My philosophy is that success breeds success.
If you’re succeeding, and you share that success, it’s likely to help someone else succeed, and help your success increase.

I’m so confident in this that I want to incentivize you to share your story.

Here’s what I’ll give you to share your success story

I have a video I’ve never shared with anyone. It’s titled:
“6 Keys To Success in My Internet Business”
I’ll give it to you if you’ll share your success story with me and the world.

In it I pour my heart out about 6 things that have made a huge difference in my success over the years.

Included in these 6 is my #1 rule for success in any internet business.
I guarantee that if you’ll learn this 1 thing (not hard to learn, you can learn it from a $20 ebook) you’ll make more money. Period. Every time. Guaranteed.

What I want you to do

I want you to post your success story somewhere public.
Do one of the following:

How to Share Your Success Story

  1. Record a short video talking about your success. Post it on Youtube, Vimeo, Viddler, or any other video sharing site.
  2. Write up your story on your blog.
  3. Record an audio of yourself talking about your success. You can use Audacity to record. Then turn it into a video and post it on youtube.
  4. Tweet it @johnjonas
  5. Post about it on my Facebook wall.
  6. Post it on IMReportCard
  7. Write up your story and email it to me
  8. Leave a comment here on this page telling your story

When you’ve posted your success story come here and enter the URL where you posted it:
[form form-1]

I’ll send you the video.

What to say in your success story?

Whatever you feel will help others.
Talk about:

  • Yourself! Who are you? Where are you from? What do you do?
  • What you’re doing in your business
  • What pushed you over the edge to success
  • What’s been the #1 most important thing in your success
  • How much money are you making
  • Why are you succeeding?
  • What things you tried that didn’t work, before you succeeded (try not to mention people’s products that didn’t work for you)
  • What would you do differently next time?

It doesn’t need to be long. It can be 30 seconds.
It doesn’t need to be professionally done (just your laptop’s webcam will work for recording video).

Just share it

However you share it, just share it.
Success Breeds Success!
What goes around comes around!
You get what you are!

The more you share it, the more you succeed.

- John Jonas

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