The Best Way To Make Money Online


It is my humble but accurate opinion (to take a page from Rick Butts playbook) that what Adam and Alen teach at is the best way to make money online.

I think it’s the best model, that fits well with outsourcing, is hard to fail at, is scalable, easy to understand, exceptionally well explained, and answers people’s questions better than anything I’ve ever seen online! (whew…yes, that was a long, run-on sentence).

In watching some of their material in their membership site (using myspeed to watch the videos at 3x), one video in particular really stood out to me. It was like:
“Hey, this is it! This is the formula. This is what works! and it’s explained SOOOO well.”

So I asked them to let me use the video and publish it outside their site.
The demonstration Adam gives on the whiteboard is really good, yet sooooo many people miss it.

For your enjoyment:

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If you follow this formula, it’s really hard to not succeed at making money online.

Here’s the interview I did with Adam about his business

For more info, watch their 5-part mini course.

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