The smartest internet guy I know


Kirt doesn’t know I’m posting this, but here goes.

There are 3 people I can say have taught me significantly more than anyone else along my career.

  1. Paul Allen – helped me get my start in this business
  2. Scott Boulch – really pushed my career over the edge
  3. Kirt Christensen

I didn’t put anything next to Kirts name above because this post is about him.

I can honestly say that I have never met someone who knows more about doing business online than Kirt.

  • He’s the single most knowledgeable, successful, “I touch it and it turns to gold” person I know in the online world.
  • I’ve turned to him countless times and always gotten a better answer than I had hoped for.
  • I’ve looked at businesses he’s done numerous times and thought “Why the heck didn’t I think of that…it’s so simple…yet sooo genius!”
  • He gets so ridiculously much done, I don’t know how he sleeps (or skis, or wakeboards, or travels around the world).

If you’re looking for someone to mentor you in the online space, look at Kirt. I can almost promise you won’t be disappointed.

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