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I thought this was interesting, and thought I’d post it.

I’ve always heard that if you look at the search numbers on overture, you can find out the actual number of searches done each month (including google) by tripleing it. So, if overture says that ‘utah real estate’ is searched 13,000 times each month, really it’s probably about 39,000 times each month.

Well, I’ve now had 2 different sites indexed by different search engines at different times. Both of the sites soon thereafter got de-indexed by the search engines (except by msn, who hasn’t figured out what it’s doing yet) so I got a pretty good idea of the amount of searches being done on those engines.

On both of my sites when they got indexed by google, I was getting about 600 unique hits per day. Then Google dropped them from their index. Then, when they got indexed by yahoo, I was getting about 400 unique hits per day. Then yahoo dropped them from their index. The, when they got indexed by msn, I was getting about 50 unique hits per day. MSN hasn’t dropped the sites yet.

Interesting how yahoo is catching up on google with their search traffic and msn is still sucking.

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