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I got this video question from a reader:
[mc src="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pn1bk-GJcU" type="youtube"]What do I focus on?[/mc]

Here’s my answer:

I recorded this video in the foothills a few minutes from my house. (I have the ipad in my hands to look at my notes)
It’s beautiful here.

Here is the gist of what I say in the video:

  1. Focus on understanding the business you’re going to implement. Understand the process and the steps. Don’t be the one to do the work (Outsource it)
  2. Don’t worry about building a list, creating one-time-offers, upsells, downsells, or continuity. Focus on making the first sale. All the rest of the “you have to do this” stuff can come later. In the beginning, the money is NOT “in the list.”
  3. Make your website have one purpose. (Hint: it’s not to get them to friend you on facebook or follow you on twitter) MAKE SALES on your website. That’s the only purpose.
  4. Find out what your market wants to BUY, not just what they WANT.
  5. Get traffic to your website (refer to this post about My
    websites aren’t making money, what do I do
    for a traffic generation plan.
  6. Follow a plan. You’ve already bought someone’s product for how to make money, now stick with it! Follow the steps…after you understand them.
  7. Outsource it all. DON’T be the one doing all the work. Be the CEO of your business. Learn to outsource at ReplaceMyself.com

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