Which links on my page will Google follow?


Google won’t follow all links on each page it finds. It’s that simple. There are a few reasons why:

  • The url is too long — Google will only follow a link that has 2 or less parameters in the url. By parameters I mean after the www.something.com?. Anything after that, usually in pairs of key1=value1&key2=value2& or something like that. If a url has a ? and something=something pairs in it, if it has more than 2 of the something=somethings, google won’t follow it.
  • The url is malformed — meaning that it doesn’t go to another page correctly, or it has characters in it that are illegal for urls.
  • There are two many links on a page. Usually google will follow somewhere between 30-50 links on a page. I’m not sure exactly how many as I haven’t tested it yet and nobody else seems to know how many it is for sure. It makes sense that they don’t follow everything otherwise people would just create millions of pages and link to them all from a single page and google would follow them all. Not going to happen.

Sooooo, here’s another tool that will spider your site and show you what links a search engine will follow. It also shows you what your links are likely to look like as search engine results.


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