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It’s now been a week and a half that I’ve been working from home. So far it’s been great. I get my work for iCount done and I have plenty of time to do other stuff.

I recently (yesterday) added a site map to the ebay site. It pulls links to somewhat random pages and displays them 90/page for as far as any search engine wants to follow. I did it this way so that hopefully a search engine will get to these random pages and maybe follow the links on that page one time. I think if it does I’ll get thousands of pages indexed. Exactly what I need.

I also love working from home because I get to see Kim and Austin so much more. They’re both so wonderful and I love them sooooo much. Yesterday we put Austin’s little wading pool outside and filled it up. It was cool that I was home because I got to see him in it. I didn’t spend a lot of time watching him, but I still got to see him in it and just the fact that I could do that was awesome. This morning I went on a 10 minute walk with them which was cool just because I could do it. I love working from home.

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