Yahoo! News – BYU Student Makes Documentary on Moore


Yahoo! News – BYU Student Makes Documentary on Moore
OREM, Utah – A former Brigham Young University film student has maxed out his credit cards to make a $10,000 documentary about “Fahrenheit 9/11″ director Michael Moore’s controversial visit to Utah Valley State College.

This was on the front page of today. Pretty cool. Hopefully Moore will get slammed by this guy, will loose credibility, and the world will realize the problems this man has created. I was first introduced to Moor probably 10 years ago in high school, when a professor showed us his Deer something documentary. It was obvious back then that he was just out to stir up controversy, and that his film was 100% biased and unfair and didn’t look at the reality of things, and it’s still obvious today that he has no ability to look at what’s real. He can only look at a problem, exploit it, and get a lot of people riled up about it. He never presents solutions, he never looks at what would happen if whatever he’s denouncing hadn’t happened.

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